Social Media is the King forn Advertising now. Most of the population are now facebook and Youtube.

Youtube is the Second Search engine on the planet. If you share something on youtube you can reach hundereds of millions.

As per Statistics of srilanka Internet Users

2017 – 6 Million has Reached. Out of it 98% Registerted on facebook social-media.

Now 2020 so almost 9 Million of the population surf the internet.

If you planning to grow the Business In srilanka. Social Media advertising and Email Marketing is essential.

I always bring the new concepts to the srilanka. So I created this website to All in one social media packages.

From that package You can share business idea or Banner on Web 2.0 platforms.

Web 2.0 platforms are people can upload their images or documents and express their opinion.

First I do the Email Campaign and its important too. Now everyone using Email for personal and Business activities.

Currently we have 10000 Email Data Base so we share your Idea to Managers , Professors, Accountants,Software engineers,Undergraduates,Students ,HR Professionals etc

Then We share your Idea in Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter and Youtube.

Almost you can Reach up to 300,000 Audience In srilanka.

I will describe more about email marketing and social media.